HOBBYCLASSIC, is a trade mark in which there are a few  workers who are passionate for the world of classic cars and vintage cars. The enthusiasm for this world and the hope of extend and maintain this hobby is the common and main characteristic for this group of different people. In this working team there are people with more than 30 years of experience and there are others people with a few years of experience, there are people working full-time and others part-time, a few with this job get all their economical support and for others it´s a part. This is not only a business or a traditional company, we don,t want to get money, also we want to get friends who have this hobby and also we want to learn about this beautiful world.

     We sell, purchase outright or consign all makes of european and american classic cars and vintage cars. We don´t restore cars but we know sometimes to get parts for these cars is very difficult and among this working team there are people from the restoring world, so, we can get you parts to restore your car.  We  can sell you the most parts for all european and american marks. (Test us!).

     If you are looking for a classic or vintage car let us know about that, if we haven´t it in stock we try to find it for you and we make you an offer. We give you professional advice about the car that your are looking and if we sell you the car you will never be repent. We guarantee that when you want to sell that car, if you keep it and it,s like you buy it, we buy you or get a buyer for your car in not long time in the same price or bigger. Classic and vintage cars market has this advantage!. If you aren´t crazy you never lose money. Classic and vintage cars  are a HOBBY in which you NEVER LOSE MONEY.


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